Welcome to my teaching website. My name is Vicki Swan and this is the resource bank for all my students online and 'In Real Life'. You'll find lessons teaching tunes, technical exercises, scales, sessions to play along with. Some things are open access - but unless you have an account you won't see how much material is actually here. I call this my Virtual Music Room - or VMR for short. The site is huge.

Over 1100+ lessons over 9 different instruments
Plus 60+ play-along session videos

I am a fully qualified teacher specialising in instrumental teaching with a masters in online education and draw on all of my past skills, experience and training to help people improve their nyckelharpa playing. Good technique is the most important thing and from there you can develop your own personality in your music. Although I am C tuned on my main nyckelharpa I also play tuned in fifths. (So D tuning not a problem!)

Gaining access to the site is either by monthly subscription or by being a student. There are two levels of subscription £5 and £10. The only difference is what you feel you can afford. Every week you will get an email update of what has been added that week (this is also in the blog). There are lots of play-along videos for all sorts of different levels. There are always lessons accompanying the tunes and the sessions stay up forever so you can enjoy past sessions. The lessons for the dance play-along videos are being worked on!

This site is huge! Some stats:

Total Number of Different Tunes = 719
Total Number of Lessons = 1100
Nyckelharpa: 701 lessons
Fiddleharpa: 63 lessons
Kontrabasharpa: 3 lessons
Moraharpa: 27 lessons
Sienaharpa: 10 lessons
Silverbasharpa: 7 lessons
Catch Club: 26 catches

Flute: 98 lessons
Fife: 5 lessons
Scottish Smallpipes: 95 lessons
Säckpipa: 27 lessons
English Border pipes: 3 lessons
Double Bass: 20 lessons
Tagelharpa: 10 lessons
Playalong Session Videos: Well over 60

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